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G20 Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS)

G20 Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) in Varanasi.

Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways General (Retd.) V K Singh said that India has taken the initiative to promote the consumption of millet and has made it a people’s movement. He appealed to all the G20 countries to support the move. The Minister inaugurated the G20 Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) in Varanasi. The MACS is the 100th G20 Meeting During India’s G20 Presidency.

General (Retd.) V K Singh said that India’s G20 Presidency theme ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ signifies collective efforts for achieving SDGs and the theme of MACS, “Sustainable Agriculture and Food System for healthy people and Plants” resonates with the emphasis put forth in the theme.

He stated that the UN General Assembly, based on India’s proposal, has declared 2023 as the International Year of the Millets which will help highlight the benefits of Millets to the world.

VK Singh urged that the G-20 countries should look into diverse areas of sustainable practices that promote diversification of crop production systems, efficient utilisation of water resources and fertilizers, assimilation of horticulture practices, soil, health management, and post-harvest management of crops, among others. He said the emerging digital technologies should be utilised to usher in ease of farming across the G20 countries and the world.

Today, the discussions were held on Innovations and Technological Interventions for Agri-Food Systems Transformation, Frontiers in Science and Technology for Achieving Food Security and Nutrition, Biofortification in Food Crops for Enhancing Nutritional Value, Tropical Seaweed Farming for nutrition and blue growth, Millets And other Ancient Grains International Research Initiative (MAHARISHI).


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