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MSME Promotion Council Chairman Dr E Muthuraman turns 59

New Delhi: Dr E Muthuraman celebrates his 59 birthday today. He was born in 1964 in

Usilampatti, Madurai District of Tamil Nadu in Elayaperumal Thevar’s house in Piramalai Kallar section of society considered as most backward in the State of Tamil Nadu. Dr, Muthuraman is B.A in arts and received “Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)” from Wistom University, USA .  Currently working as Contractor for PWD-WRO, Highways and forest, Also into Agriculture Farming. In past he served as Director –Telengana Warehouse Corporation, Hyderabad, Member Consultative Committee – Food Corporation of India, Tamil Nadu State, Member Governing Council of Bureau of Indian, standards(BIS), New Delhi and currently heading as Chairman MSME Promotion Council, New Delhi. He was married to M.Palaniyammal whose is a home maker and had three daughters namely First is M.Hema.  she is M.B.B.S in education and serving the nation, Second is M. Direka she is M.E.(Civil Engineering) and the Third is M. Kavinaya B.Sc (Agriculture). He had initiated many Social Activities in Southern Belt of India mainly in states of Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka for the upliftment of paddy producer, farmers, micro & small manufactures and Traders. Muthuraman is considers a leader of his community due to strong hold at the grass root level with the fraternity as he is closely associated with them when and where they desire him. As per the local sources he is always seen standing out of the line with is vision and wisdom about the problems. People associated with him always admire his consciousness, passion, zeal of working and adaptability to new technologies. It is often observed that his  sincere ability towards the result oriented working is the key point of his behavior which helps him travel entire India and address the issues relate to the organizations is work for. Dushyant Yadav the official PR Consultant to MSME Promotion Council in his interview with our correspondent said “Anna is being amongst the great visionaries we see around the world, although he is stepping new steps of success daily but still he is very kind and down to earth with each and every human being, Its just been few months in association with him but the it seems that we have been in affection with each other for more than years. The credit to all this goes to Anna’s soul especially his parenting for giving him such a kind of values for mankind, I personally belief that he is a perfect blend of qualities we look in a true leader.”We and our team once again wish Dr. E Muthuraman a very Happy Birthday and pray to almighty for the good health so as he can serve more to the society.

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