SAIL targets 300 MTPA

SAIL Units Set to be Modernized in the Next Phase of Vision 2030

In accordance with the target of 300 MTPA steel production capacity as per National Steel Policy (NSP) 2017, in the first phase of expansion tentative plan has been formulated for enhancement of crude steel capacity production of SAIL Plants namely Durgapur Steel Plant, Rourkela Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel Plant and IISCO Steel Plant. However, the expansion is subject to following: –

(i)    Demand Growth for finished steel to absorb the enhanced level of steel production in the sector.

(ii)    Resource availability to finance CAPEX with sustainable Debt: Equity ratio.

(iii)   Captive iron ore sources for supporting the enhanced capacity.

The current production capacity of Plants of SAIL with reference to hot metal, crude steel and saleable steel and the extent of production capacity, in terms of percentage, achieved during the current nine months period are as under: –


Unit: ‘000T

Plants Hot Metal Crude Steel Saleable Steel
Annual Operating Capacity % Capacity utilization for Apr-Dec’22

(pro-rata basis)

Annual Operating Capacity % Capacity utilization for Apr-Dec’22

(pro-rata basis)

Annual Operating Capacity % Capacity utilization for Apr-Dec’22 (pro-rata basis)
Bhilai Steel Plant 6450 80% 6000 82% 5400 84%
Durgapur Steel Plant 2450 103% 2200 102% 2120 101%
Rourkela Steel Plant 4000 107% 3800 106% 3520 106%
Bokaro Steel Plant 4700 93% 4600 86% 4180 89%
IISCO Steel Plant 2700 93% 2500 94% 2390 94%
Special Steel Plants 0 410 56% 520 51%
SAIL 20300 93% 19510 91% 18130 92%


By 2030-31, it is envisaged to enhance the operational capacity of crude steel production of SAIL from existing 19.51 MTPA to around 35.65 MTPA tentatively. The envisaged Plant-wise Crude Steel Capacity of SAIL by 2030-31 is as under: –


Steel Plants Operating Crude Steel Capacity (MTPA) Envisaged Crude Steel Capacity (MTPA)
Bhilai Steel Plant 6.00 6.80
Durgapur Steel Plant 2.20 4.73
Rourkela Steel Plant 3.80 9.70
Bokaro Steel Plant 4.60 7.03
IISCO Steel Plant 2.50 6.98
Alloy Steels Plant 0.23 0.23
Salem Steel Plant 0.18 0.18
SAIL 19.51 35.65


Envisaged Crude Steel capacity is subject to finalization of DPRs and further, execution of the expansion plan as above is subject to the conditions mentioned above in para I.

The Modernisation and Expansion (MEP) undertaken by Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) at its five integrated steel plants at Bhilai (Chhatisgarh), Bokaro (Jharkhand), Rourkela (Odisha), Durgapur (West Bengal) & Burnpur (West Bengal) and at one Special Steel Plant at Salem (Tamil Nadu) has been completed progressively by Jun’2018. The details of unit-wise actual completion vis-à-vis schedule completion is given below: –


Plant/Unit Schedule






(Net of Cenvat)

(Rs. Cr.)



(Net of Cenvat)

(Rs. Cr.)

Bhilai Steel Plant Mar.’2013 Jun.’2018 17,266 22,566
Rourkela Steel Plant Mar.’2013 Dec.’2014 11,812 13,307
Durgapur Steel Plant Dec.’2012 Jun.’2015 2,875 3,169
Bokaro Steel Plant Dec.’2011 Sep.’2015 6,325 7,179
IISCO Steel Plant Dec.’2010 Dec.’2014 16,408 19,235
Salem Steel Plant Mar.’2010 Sept.’2010 1,902 2,371

This was mainly due to the nature of work, which entailed engagement of multiple agencies; challenge of retrofitting of new technology in the existing plants, resource constraints etc.

This information was given by the Union Minister of State for Steel and Rural Development, Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today

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