Stallion Buildtech LLP, 4 times Awards Winning Construction Management Software

Stallion has been making waves in the industry for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. It recently won The ET Realty’s Best Project Development/Management Firm award, thus adding another feather to its cap.Stallion is a project management tool designed mainly for construction professionals with an objective to make construction processes easier through automation. “This kind of software offers a range of benefits to construction industry members, easing up the processes that were earlier done manually.Companies are known to have a lot of benefits from utilizing construction management software. However, it surprising that till now none of them were tailored as per Real Estate industry and it was just tweaked to certain extent at a cost. Stallion is so intuitive that it requires no training and even a 12th pass person can use it” Said Rishab Jain, Founder at Stallion Buildtech. The features and functions of Stallion include specifying a project’s target and plans, including delineation of scope, scheduling, permission tracking, budgeting, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants.

It also assists in monitoring the cost-control system to get an estimated project profit and to monitor the predicted results. Stallion empowers with numerous project stages, including procurement of contract methods, design service & contractors, and management of the construction contract process along with dynamic sales management module. Milind Changani, Co-Founder added, “The pandemic caused a considerable number of routine activities and businesses to shift their operations online and made it challenging to work on a building site. The construction industry is collaborative and requires quality and manufacturing control and proper understanding between the various stakeholders engaged in the project. A construction project generally contains various components, including vendors, architects, contractors, engineers, and the workforce. For many years, tablets, drawings, and graphs were utilized to record the information exchange between the involved parties. These factors are expected to boost the construction management software market’s growth.”
Stallion Buildtech has been delivering projects on schedule and within budget, while ensuring that all operational requirements are safely met. “We take pride in long-lasting relationships with our clients, which we accomplish by building our processes around excellent service to ensure our clients’ goals are met and exceeded seamlessly just as a software. Having said that, more than 20 developers and 40+ projects are successfully handled on Stallion Eco-System all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The real estate companies from Delhi, Rajasthan, Bengaluru, and Gujarat are also in pipeline to on-board their projects soon” said Yomesh Rao, Co-Founder. What really sets this app/software apart is its commitment to innovation and excellence. With a motto of “Strength, Speed, Efficiency” the stallion eco-system is constantly evolving and improving, with regular updates and enhancements that ensure it stays ahead of the curve and with a dedicated team of experts and support staff, users can always count on Stallion Buildtech for guidance, advice, and assistance whenever they need it.

Stallion Buildtech is the ultimate construction management app, a game-changer in the industry that is revolutionizing the way construction managers and developers work. At Stallion, we take care of all infrastructure related problems or loopholes under one roof and have saved upto estimated 40% on the operation cost along with delivering projects on time.



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